Regarding Feedback on Social Media

Good morning!! We have a lot going on here at TPS and we are enjoying every minute of it!

I want to clarify something that was posted by a client on one of our recent posts. We strive to ensure our clients are 110% satisfied with our gowns. Sometimes, however, we run into a client who may not understand the steps involved in creating or altering a gown for a bride. Sometimes they see a gown in pieces after the first or second fitting. We try to explain that the final adjustments made to the gown are made just before the pick-up date. Despite all our efforts, we still have a bride (or mother of the bride) that, after the wedding, feels that the dress wasn’t “perfect” and they feel like they should inform the public, via social media, about how bad their experience and/or wedding gown turned out. In most cases that we have had complaints on, the gown is worn for the wedding despite the alleged “defects.” Do clients get buyer’s remorse, yes. Do they always bring any perceived defects in the gown to our attention before making it to social media, no.

One of the reasons why I choose to remain a small business, is so that I can be involved with every gown that goes through our door. My #1 goal is customer satisfaction, no matter if it’s just a bride purchasing a $20 necklace or a custom made gown. They each receive the same treatment and respect.

Please know that when negative comments are posted on social media or our website, we DO NOT delete these comments. We respect the right of freedom of speech. Sometimes things that are said are very hurtful, and I take that very seriously. We simply reply respectfully to each of these comments. We DO NOT delete them. Sometimes the person who posted the negative comments regret posting them and they go back and delete the post themselves.

I could not sleep at night if some of the things said were true. I put my heart and soul into these gowns. I’ve been doing this for over 35 years. If the quality of work was even remotely similar to things described in some of the negative posts, I would not have been in business more than 6 months.

Thank you for “listening” to this commentary. I want to make it very clear that your comments, good or bad, truly effect me. I take them seriously and will never degrade or talk negatively about any person that might choose to post negative comments.

Have a wonderful day!