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In Search of a Wedding Gown

As the website guru and firm believer in the value and quality of merchandise at The Perfect Stitch, it made the search for my daughter’s wedding gown an easy choice. My youngest daughter, Kelley, will be getting married next year so I took her to see Melissa and Nancy at The Perfect Stitch. Kelley had already picked out a gown she had seen on the website that she liked a lot. When we got to the shop, she tried it on. She told Melissa what she had thought about for her perfect gown. Melissa picked out 5 or 6 dresses for Kelley to try. Each one was wonderful and looked like they were made for Kelley. The final gown that she tried was “IT.” Just like buying a house, when you find THE dress, you know it. She looked spectacular in it! Sadly, I can’t post those pictures here yet, but there are others that she tried that I will post. We can’t express enough gratitude and thankfulness to Melissa for knowing the right types of gowns for Kelley to try. Melissa “knows” the dresses that are the style and visions that brides-to-be have for their gowns. Her knowledge, experience and CARING in the field of bridal gowns benefits the brides. This type of caring and love for what she does is something you cannot get in a chain bridal store. Kelley had told me that she had looked (online) at gowns at a national chain store and her comment was “They all looked the same.” At The Perfect Stitch, the consignment gowns that are available at this shop are amazing and unique. I highly recommend EVERY bride in the Indianapolis area to at least visit this shop once before making a decision on their wedding gown. You will be very impressed and in the hands of the best bridal gown expert in the midwest!

Kelley relaxing after several gown changes!

Melissa showing Kelley how the gown would look with the bustle.

Kelley wearing beautiful veil.

Melissa adjusting the gown so Kelley can see how it would look after altering.

Kelley 2nd dress (Notice the perfect wedding shoes!)

Kelley 1st dress to try on.


Website and Social Media Changes!

We are making a lot of website social media changes!! Please be patient if we have some items moved on our sites. They are still there just in different locations!!