Wedding Dress Consignments. We DO NOT buy wedding gowns, we offer our consignment service.

Wedding Dress Consignments. We DO NOT buy wedding gowns, we offer our consignment service.

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(Dress and veil sold separately.)

(Dress and veil sold separately.)

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(Please be aware that gowns on this site may have been sold. These pictures are just examples of the gowns in our ever-changing inventory.)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have

about any of these consignment gowns!

The Perfect Stitch (“TPS”) does not buy dresses but helps others to sell their never worn or “worn in love” bridal gown. We do this thru our Consignment Program. It is always necessary to make an appointment to bring the gown in as it takes time for Melissa to look at the gown to see if it fits into the types of gowns we sell at TPS.

We will then discuss pricing. Keeping mind that even gowns that have never been worn with price tags still on it will sell for about 50% of the ticketed price. Some gowns can come closer to their original price than others, depending on the gown and her condition.

TPS advertises heavily for our consignment gowns on the internet, newspapers and our web site. TPS is the only Full Service bridal salon in Central Indiana that sells current dress designers at discounted prices and the majority of our gowns have never been worn.

We will agree on a sale price at your appointment and when the gown sells you receive 50% of that sale.

There is no time limit on how long your gown can stay at TPS. Because each bride is as unique as the gowns in our salon it can stay until a bride falls in love with it. If you need to pick up your dress for some reason and remove it from our program we ask that you call to make an appointment.

TPS does have advertised sales. We do not discount your gown unless we contact you and get your permission to drop the price lower than we have agreed upon in our contract.

After you have left your gown with TPS it is kept in like new condition at all times at no cost to the consigner. If a bride to be gets make-up on the gown, TPS cleans it. If a zipper breaks TPS replaces it. TPS takes great care in keeping all our gowns “perfect.”

When a Bride to be falls in love with the gown you have consigned you are simply mailed a check for 50% of that sale. Some gowns go into lay-away, some are purchased over two payments of 50% each. The consigner receives the payment when the dress if paid for in full.

Many try to sell dresses on places such as “Craigslist” and “Ebay” only to find many different obstacles, including; strangers visiting your home to view your gown, and very low selling prices. TPS eliminates so many of those problems for you by offering our consignment program and taking the worry of so many details!